Simple quick ceremony

The legal minimum

Otherwise known as a “You and Two” ceremony (meaning the couple and their two witnesses) or an “Elopement”, it’s possible and fully legal and proper to be married quickly and simply in just a few minutes, with just the couple and their two witnesses.

Couples who opt for a short and simple ceremony may simply want to avoid the stress, planning and expense of a more formal wedding, or be driven by other life circumstances.

A simple, quick ceremony can be accomplished at your home or any location you arrange. All you need to do is get your marriage licence and contact me. I will come to your location, perform the ceremony, and legally register your marriage with the government (fulfilling all legal aspects) on the same day.

Destination Weddings

Couples opting for a short and simple ceremony may be planning a destination wedding and wish to get the legal requirements out of the way first.

  • This can avoid the worry and hassles of going through bureaucracy and legalities in an unfamiliar foreign environment.
  • You have your ceremony the day before (or even day of) departure.
  • I can work with you to create a wedding script to be used at the subsequent ceremony at the destination, further eliminating a potentially stressful and error-prone experience.
  • Your guests at the destination may or may not need to be aware of the fact that you are already legally married. For form’s sake, you might even sign a document at the destination ceremony to mark its occurrence.

The simple ceremony is easy and quick to set up and Chris is ready to meet your needs at any time.

Fee for Simple Quick Ceremony