My Process

How we work together to plan your ceremony

Getting Started

  • You look at some Officiant websites and decide that you’d like to meet with me.
  • You use the contact button or the form on my website to contact me.
  • I respond within 24 hours and we meet, in-person or virtually – whatever works for you.

Our Meeting – virtual or in-person

We meet, we talk over some ideas and plans, and I explain how we can put together a ceremony. We discuss wording, readings, music, rituals, participation of family or friends in the ceremony. We consider the atmosphere or style that you would like to create, so that the ceremony will be an authentic expression of your love and commitment.

The Agreement

During or after the meeting, if you decide we should work together, you would send me a deposit by E-Transfer and with that deposit your date is secured, and my services are booked.

The Script

  • Within a couple of days, I send you a confirmation letter with notes about our discussion. I also send some questions about you and your relationship, that I use to draft the wedding ceremony.
  • I then create a draft ceremony for you to look over. We converse by email or online and we refine the draft script.
  • You may contact me at any time to ask questions or suggest new ideas.
  • Final script is agreed upon 30 days before the ceremony.
  • I may assist you in the writing of the personal vows (separately and individually, to preserve the anticipation) in order to set a balance and avoid slip-ups.


  • 2 weeks before the ceremony the balance of the fee is to be paid.
  • If necessary, I attend a rehearsal in the week or on the day before the wedding. Depending on the location, travel costs may apply.
  • On the day, I reconfirm in the morning (by text) and arrive at the ceremony site 90 minutes in advance of the ceremony.
  • Following the ceremony, I complete the legal paperwork and register your marriage with the Office of Registrar General.

The Cost

See Fees on this website